About Us

Mission Statement

The EMP’s mission is to promote cultural exchange within the context of medicine and create a global dialogue between health professionals about facilitating progressive and sustainable practices.

Our Focus

The EcoMed Project’s goals focus on preventative health, education programs, and promoting sustainable medical care in harmony with the surrounding environment and culture of under-served populations. Our most recent efforts were in Zambia where the EMP sent pre-medical students and medical students to volunteer at rural health clinics which serve the Lozi community. The largest clinic and operating room are located in Sioma, now a district hospital. The EMP helped raise funds to build a new outpatient clinic and maternity/delivery ward located in Sankande which now serves as a delivery room, pre and post natal care clinic, and an emergency outpost for the Sioma Clinic. This clinical infrastructure was made possible by the EMP’s volunteers and donations from friends and family- we are very grateful for everyone’s support! Volunteers resided at our partner’s campsite, ZEEC (Zambezi Environmental Education Camp), a 6 hour drive from Livingstone, Zambia. During active fundraising years, volunteers help raise money for pertinent health-related projects desired by the local community. Hands-on experience of volunteers included working with the clinical officers, nurses, lab technicians and pharmacists, as well as helping patients in clinic and through locally organized programs.

History of the Sioma Medical Clinic

In the late 1990’s, Dr. Curtis of Dartmouth University started volunteering his services at a medical clinic in the rural village of Sioma, Zambia after a piece of land was granted to him as a thank you for performing surgery to a royal family member. A few years later his parents founded an international environmental school, ZEEC (Zambezi Environmental Education Camp), which has helped to build part of the schools in Sankande. ZEEC is a member of the Wildlife and Conservation Society of Zambia and is registered as a non-profit NGO. The directors, Alison and John Curtis, take groups of international high school students to stay at the ZEEC camp up to three times a year, giving students a unique opportunity to observe and experience a culture (Lozi) with strong, functioning traditions operating on a subsistence economy.

The EcoMed Project was founded after the director, Vanessa P. Scott MD, traveled to and volunteered at the Sioma Clinic. It was a life-changing experience and one that motivated the establishment of the EMP and its fundraising efforts. Funding for both the EMP and ZEEC is dependent on donations from family and friends, grants and grassroots fundraising. Both the EMP and ZEEC are supported by the Watoto Charitable Trust (WCT), an IRS approved, 501(c)3 organization.

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